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Automating 'Find/Report IDs' and Exporting Results  



We currently use the following process to dedupe contacts with different parent accounts, then merge those parent accounts based on their master/non-master contact records:

  1. Use STD to match contacts with our criteria
  2. Before merging, get the master/non-master export based on the master rule we use
  3. Open a new DT window and use the Find/Report ID's tool to add two additional columns to the export from step 2: the account ID's associated with the master and non-master records
  4. Switch back to the DT window from step 1 and merge the contacts
  5. Use the 4 column master/non-master file from step 3 to merge the accounts (thus preventing 'orphan' accounts with no contacts)

Is there a way to automate this process with JobBuilder?

I'm having trouble getting it to make a master/non-master export (step 2) then use that export in steps 3 and 5.


For anyone else with a similar issue:

I'm going to use a combination of the info in these docs and some python scripts running in JobBuilder to accomplish the above. I found this from the reply to this post in this forum.

Still open to suggestions and ideas on this.

I'm also trying to get this to work, but I'm getting stuck on "step 5".

I give JobBuilder the scenario file and the input file, it seems to step through the master/non-master merge scenario, but on the final screen the master/non-master records aren't selected and it doesn't merge.

I can get it to work by just going back one screen, then forward again and it will run the master/non-master rule. Then clicking "merge" works.


Hi Matt,

I ran a quick test on my machine trying to merge contacts from a master / non-master file and it processed without issue. Based on this I have a few suggestions:

1. Ensure you are on the most current version of DemandTools; all upgrades are free and can be found here

2. Ensure that the correct fields from the spreadsheet are mapped to the master and non-master fields

3.. Resave the master / non-master file merge scenario you are using. It may have been corrupted.

You can also look at your DemandTools log files at the time this was supposed to run and see if there are any errors reported. If you find errors, post them in a reply.

Are all other areas in this scheduled batch working as expected?



Olivia M.J. Hinkle
Product Adoption Manager